Sean Rush, Designer 

Sean Rush, based in Palm Beach Florida, transforms architectural spaces into singular sanctuaries for modern living.  “It’s about listening deeply,” he says. “The authentic life experiences and beloved objects of a client, can reveal the essence of what that client hopes for.   Rush specializes in gorgeous cultural mashups that celebrate the hand of man -  globally sourced craftsmanship and the originality of human-made objects.  As a painter, his artist’s eye finds balance and flow, rhythm and variation. This rich and responsive sensibility leads to surprising reinventions and projects both distinctive and inimitable.   


sean rush, FINE artist 

From a boy who drew horses grazing in the fields behind his home to an Italian-trained classical painter, Sean Rush has always returned to his first subject, the horse. Head and heart, muscle and gleam, each commissioned portrait conveys a precise moment of connection and reveals a sense of intimacy and ease. After meeting and spending time with a horse, Sean usually works from his West Palm Beach studio, but he is also available for commissions worldwide.


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