This 2500 square foot space was gutted. Kitchen walls were removed. And now, only two floors up, this condo floats above the Atlantic - the horizon beckoning .

A neutral palette invites sky into these rooms allowing each change of light between sunrise and sunset to color mood.

Sky, sea, cloud are part of life here: blues and greys, greens and lavenders - not backdrops but actors in their own right. Florida's dramatic weather and pelagic fauna make grand company in this home, itself both grand and comfortable.

Porcelain tile in a bleached woodgrain laid on the floor in a herringbone pattern provides a sturdy base with cool and subtle flair. The same tile runs up shower walls in the bath, and up feature walls in bedroom and living room - an easy, elegant fit for coastal living.

The kitchen features a waterfall countertop with white penny tile for brightness and subtle texture.

The Saarinen dining room furniture has found its perfect setting. 

The brilliant Finn, Saarinen, whose often-white designs evoked wings and whales, is a witty presence here where wings and whales may well be observed. 

Sleek and modern, spiced with clean Moroccan elements, this condo can be dressed up or down but remains always a multifaceted jewel.